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5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Florida

No matter what kind of personal injury you suffer, there are times when it is appropriate to file a claim to seek just compensation due to the negligence of another party. It could be a business, a homeowner, the driver of a vehicle or simply another person nearby who intentionally does something that results in you being injured in some way.

According to a lawyers in the Florida area, the most common personal injury claims are fairly standard around the country, but there is one class of personal injury claims that is most prevalent in areas of the country where there are large bodies of water. Following are the five most common types of personal injury claims in Florida.

1) Injuries Resulting from an Automobile Accident

In the year 2015, there were over 370,000 car accidents in Florida. Those numbers have gone up significantly in the ensuing years and so it is understandable that Floridians would want to know how to file a personal injury claim after being injured in an accident. The best advice given is to contact a personal injury attorney even before reporting to your insurance company, because they know what to say and what not to say and how to get you the best compensation possible if it is due you. Who do I call if injured in Ft. Lauderdale car accident?  Wolf & Provato is a good place to start.

2) Slip and Fall Injuries

Typically, most slip and fall injuries happen on business property. Restaurants and stores are among the most common types of slip and fall claims but government buildings and homeowners see their fair share of slip and fall claims against their insurance policies.

3) Injuries Sustained during a Boating Accident

In some interior portions of the nation there are few bodies of water large enough for boating activities. While lakes and rivers may be present, they may not be amenable to boating. In Florida there is the Atlantic on the east and a number of lakes accessible from state parks, so boating accidents are more common here than in many inland areas of the country.

4) Injuries from Unsafe Products

Whether you are injured as a result of a pressurized can that explodes or suffer from a serious intestinal illness due to a contaminant, injuries from unsafe products abound throughout the United States in literally every state in the Union. Florida has its fair share of personal injury claims as a result of a defective or contaminated product and as a result, it is wise to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after medical treatment. No matter what kind of company or business is in question, they are bound by law to carry insurance and so you are within your rights to file a claim.

5) Injuries as the Direct Result of the Action of Another

One of the most obscure, but actually most common, claims is a personal injury that is the direct result of an intentional act by another. For example, you are walking down the street and one pedestrian is fighting with the person or persons in front of you. The one behind takes out a bottle to throw at the person/s they are fighting with and instead of hitting the intended person, you are hit in the head and knocked unconscious.

If those witnessing are able to identify the perpetrator, or if by some stroke of luck the perpetrator sticks around until help comes, you can file a claim against that party for intentionally doing something to cause you injury. No, you weren’t the intended victim, but that person intended to throw the bottle so it is classified, by law, as an intentional act.

These are just the five most common types of personal injury claims you can file in Florida so if you were injured and feel it is the fault of another person, business or government entity, by all means seek legal counsel. It is your right to file a claim.

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