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A Complete Guide To Learn About Copyright, Patent and Trademark Litigation Attorneys 

The businesses or individuals like celebrities that need the protection for their trademark or brand need specialist attorneys to register and in the case of Infringement, to legally handle the trademark or brand Infringement. In other words, all the intellectual property owners or would-be owners need the services of the intellectual property Lawyers.

The term intellectual property lawyers or attorneys refer to the specialized attorneys that deal in Copyright, Patent and Trademark litigations and other related processes such as registration.

Copyright, Patent, and Trademark

The individuals like celebrities or public figures or inventors hire a Trademark attorney for registration of their brands or intellectual properties. Nowadays the intellectual property of a business is its most precious asset. These businesses also hire a Trademark or patent attorneys to register and look after their patents or trademarks.

The registration is done with the USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office. By registering, the owner gets the right of using the trademark or additional patent benefits like the permission and protection to use the said Trademark across the national, state and international boundaries.

These attorneys also provide help in choosing the trademark through the trademark clearance search so that the trademark being chosen by you is available and is not a common law or a federally registered trademark thereby limiting the chances of future trademark Infringement cases and provide a viable defense against the future willful infringement case if any.

Patent Infringement

Patent infringement is making, using or selling a product, by anyone other than the patent owner that’s patented under the Federal Patent law. If the perpetrator is ignorant of the existence of the patent even then, it falls under the Patent Infringement. Intellectual property lawyers or patent infringement attorneys help a victim to fight the Infringement legally and the owner may get compensation to cover the loss of profits, as royalty payment or triple or treble the value of damages.

Trademark Infringement

An intellectual property attorney is a huge help and cornerstone in Trademark Infringement cases or lawsuits such as

  • Trade dress infringement
  • Disputes related to brands or trademark such as unsanctioned or misappropriate use of Company names and images.
  • Cases related to trademark Infringement on the internet that involves domain names, and unfair use of brand or corporate names.
  • Violation of the rights of public or renowned figures or celebrities etc.

The intellectual property attorney handles lawsuits under Federal and or state laws and may help you get relief as per the provisions of these laws.

Copyright infringement

A copyright owner has exclusive control over the copyrighted material. He can reproduce, license, distribute, perform, or display, his copyrighted work exclusively. Anyone using the protected material without the express permission of the copyright owner is a party of copyright infringement. In such cases, an intellectual property attorney may help you in a legal solution such as

  • Monetary award for damages due to a past copyright Infringement.
  • An award for any profit procured by such an act of Infringement.
  • Award for additional damages in case of a Willful
  • To negotiate a license arrangement with the perpetrator.

An intellectual property attorney has a versatile area of work. They help or handle all the areas related to an intellectual property whether it’s registering a patent or a trademark or filing a lawsuit or managing a settlement. If you need to protect your intellectual property or legally handle an Infringement to your legally held intellectual property, an intellectual attorney is a person capable of guiding and helping you.

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