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Car Accident Lawyers and Claims

In San Antonio, a car accident means a long drawn out claim from insurance companies. If you have suffered a personal injury getting compensated is vital. When injured, contact a lawyer. Don’t trust the insurance company or the other party to compensate you. Call a San Antonio car accident lawyer from the best law firm in San Antonio, that is Villarreal and Begum Law firm.

In Texas, there is a special personal injury law which takes an expert to deal with – a legal expert. A layman’s knowledge in not enough to understand and use the personal injury law to get your dues. The best option is for you to hire a legal brain to pick on the person caused you harm or to tackle the insurance company. Hire only the best San Antonio car accident lawyer. The best work only with the V& B law firm, which has years of experience and expertise in dealing with car accidents and related injuries.

The process is very simple. Call us for a free consultation. Once you walk in with your case, we assign it to a lawyer whose team works round the clock to research it. We collect evidences, we look at it from every angle. We discuss it with you. Then we present the case at the hearing whether in court or outside. Only our team of experts in Texas law can deal with the case and get through the nitty gritty of the legalities.

We help you to work with your insurance company to file a claim. We offer you guidance on the statute of limitations and how long you can wait before you file your claim. We walk you through the case and help identify who the guilty party in the accident is. We help you decide on how to handle injuries and how much compensation is owed to you. Also, we identify how damaged your car is and how much you can claim. We collect and present evidence on your behalf.

Our team of lawyers is aggressive enough to deal with hostile adjutants and other lawyers. We fight for you so that you can get adequate compensation. In fact, we don’t charge attorney fees if you don’t recover money. However, that is rare.

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. We hand hold you through the recovery process, knowing that it is painful. We ensure that every possible loophole is covered and that the insurance company is not able to cheat you in any manner. If you don’t have insurance, we guide on how to get compensated.

The lawyers at V&B group have many years of experience and expertise with them. Led by years of experience handling such cases, they give personalized attention to every case which walks in to our offices. We discuss it with you completely so that you understand the process and how the claims will be filed.

Remember, when you need to fight a team of legal minds who are hell bent on denying you your rightful compensation, you should approach us at V&B law firm.



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