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Choosing a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The majority of us do not look forward to having to go to court. Whether it is for a speeding ticket or just on jury duty, going to court is stressful. However, if you are faced with a lawsuit with more weight, such as a medical malpractice lawsuit, that stressfulness of going to court can become nightmare inducing. A lot is on the line and these types of lawsuits can take multiple days in court. For these types of lawsuits, you want a top-notch lawyer who knows what he or she is doing and will help to take care of you throughout the process. Looking for the right lawyer takes time and effort, but having justice in court is well worth that time and effort.



This may seem obvious, but when you are under stress with a potential lawsuit, you may not always be thinking straight. Asking your friends and family or asking others on internet forums is a great way to get solid feedback on a lawyer for your malpractice case. Even asking lawyers you may have previously used for a referral to a lawyer for your malpractice lawsuit is a spectacular way to get an idea about who is practicing and how. Getting advice regarding a lawyer that isn’t from an advertisement or a lawyer’s website is the best way to learn whether or not you will like a lawyer or get along with him or her. Ask others about their experiences with certain lawyers, the way in which that lawyer practiced, and about how that lawyer treated the person who used him or her. This is valuable information that will help you whittle down potential attorneys.



When you have narrowed it down to two or three potential attorneys, give them each a thorough Google search. Researching your candidates will give you insight into their credentials – you can get these from your local bar association online – and their pricings to give you an idea of a budget when working with that individual. Take a look at the types of cases they tend to take (are these cases similar to yours?) and what their record is with respect to those cases. If you can find any comments left by previous clients, give those a glance as well. You can tend to find these on an attorney’s webpage. Have a look at Powers Santola Law Firm for an example.



Pop into your potential attorney’s firm or office to snag a consultation with him or her. Consultations are often free of charge, but be prepared if your possible attorney does charge for one. Either way, you will have the opportunity to meet the attorney and get a chance to pick their brain with regards to your case. Important questions to ask during this time are about their communication policy (if they have one) and whether or not they have any concerns about your particular case. A lawyer with a communication policy will ensure that he or she is staying in touch with you on a timely basis, making the case run smoother and providing you with peace of mind. Knowing your potential attorney’s concerns about your lawsuit will give you an idea about their willingness to take your case.




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