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Overwhelmed By A Seemingly Infinite Number Of Applicants? Try A Legal Recruiter!

As any human resource professional can attest, the hiring process can be a tedious and at times convoluted endeavor: assessing the skill set of a potential employee, running background checks and arranging drug screens can be a taxing proposition for most companies, especially smaller businesses. Question: So what’s the alternative? Answer: Delegate these tasks to companies whose sole mission is to find qualified candidates to fill the vacant roles in your organization. This is definitely not a new concept; John Gabbitas founded the first known staffing agency in 1873. The company was called Gabbitas, and its business model was predicated on providing teaching staff to public schools in England. It’s a basic idea that’s evolved over time, but in principle it’s extremely simple: individuals need good jobs and companies need reliable workers. Playing the middleman, working and facilitating the flow between employer and employee is helpful and profitable.

Staffing agencies, such as The Heller Group in Toronto, have become very popular, and many companies have now opted to carve out a highly specialized niche in this increasingly crowded market. One such market is legal recruiting – what is a legal recruiter you ask? They operate like any other staffing agency, but what differentiates them from others is that they work exclusively with lawyers and legal professionals; they cater to the new law graduate, and the seasoned legal professional, matching the right talent with the right legal organizations. Hiring through staffing agencies is becoming more and more common; they’re beneficial to both the clients and the contractors who are searching for a new job/ a new team member.

For the client, legal recruitment firms fulfill every aspect of the hiring process while offering cost containment. Staffing agencies often absorb the cost associated with hiring new talent, which includes the background investigation, the drug screen, benefits administration, and worker’s compensation insurance. Delegating these responsibilities to the staffing agencies allows the client to focus on training and transitioning new hires from a temporary situation to a permanent status, if everything works out. For the contractor that is seeking employment, staffing agencies tend to work with multiple clients, and this allows the contractor to apply for multiple job roles while working with one specific agency. This takes a lot of the pressure off of an individual looking for a job, so that they can breathe easy and know that they are being considered by prospective firms without having to pound the pavement all day every day.

Whether you’re a new law graduate or a seasoned legal professional, utilizing legal recruiters in the GTA can be a viable option in your job search. There is a myriad of benefits that come with working with a legal recruiter. If you haven’t already heard, the hiring dynamic in Canada is shifting towards temporary workers. There was a time when being a temporary worker had a negative connotation, but this is no longer the case. Temporary assignments are now seen as a trial period for both the client and the contractor, especially since the end goal for both parties is permanent employment. So if you haven’t yet considered working with any of the legal recruiters in the GTA, hopefully, this article has convinced you to do so.

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