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What Are the Risks of Laser Hair Removal: A Legal Guide

An increasing number of legal claims for compensation following laser hair removal injuries have thrown a spotlight onto a procedure that has otherwise been considered perfectly safe. Laser hair removal is a popular way to remove unwanted hair since it is quick and effective. But since lasers are used, the procedure nevertheless involves risks.


If you suffer injuries after undergoing a hair removal procedure then it is important to seek legal advice as you could make a claim for compensation. Laser hair removal treatment injuries can be severe. Here’s what you need to know about the risks, and how to avoid them as much as possible.

Why is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Risky?

Laser hair removal treatment is, obviously, carried out using lasers. And lasers have incredibly high energy, with the potential to burn and damage the skin if used incorrectly. A laser must be operated by someone with experience and the correct training.

What Could Cause An Injury to Occur?

The injuries that come about through laser hair removal treatment often occur due to the beautician or practitioner lacking training, or using different equipment to the type they were trained for. The practitioner may be lacking in recent knowledge, or they may not be paying attention to the procedure. They may forget to do a pre-test or to look at the optimum settings of the laser for the client’s skin type. They may have overlooked a client’s medical history and whether they are more likely to react badly to a treatment. When an injury occurs due to these kinds of conditions, it is probably negligence and a compensation claim can therefore be pursued.

What Types of Injury Are Most Common?

A laser burn is the most common type of injury caused by laser hair removal. Burns can be severe or small, and they can cause scarring and pain. Other injuries include too much hair being removed and the consequences of this, infection in the site of treatment, itching, skin sensitivity, and problems that arise from the injury which are psychological in nature.

Responsibilities of the Beauty Salon

The practitioner carrying out the hair removal procedure has a certain number of responsibilities relating to the treatment. If they fail to meet these responsibilities and injury occurs, it could give rise to a legal claim. They are responsible for informing the client of the possible risks, using correct, clean equipment, explaining the procedure, and providing after-care support after the procedure. The area of hair removal and other beauty treatments is largely unregulated but that does not mean that a claim cannot be pursued if an injury was caused by negligence.

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